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Although you've never really seen my room (room tour sometime in the future!), I can give you some basic details so my wall color is the light blue (last one featured above) and I have white/dark wood furniture. Right now I have a basic color palette of that blue and an off white, but I am looking to add some more. I was inspired while in West Elm monday to add some grey after seeing this quilt. I also saw this as the perfect opportunity to add some navy and light pink (some of my favorite colors) to my room. I actually re-did my room last spring/summer so this will only be a couple changes. I am probably going to get a new bedspread and pillows and some decor elements. I am really obsessed with  this West Elm pillow (featured above). Velvet + Studs + a monogram...yes please! This will probably be an accent pillow and I can't wait to order it. It's chic with the studs, and the monogram is the perfect size. 

I am also really liking these shadow boxes for displaying my favorite jewelry. I picked up this tray in West Elm on Monday and its super cute! Online, it looks silver but it is actually more rose-gold in person. It looks like West Elm is about to become my best friend for this project. Plus, I really love this cable knit throw from Pottery Barn. I currently have a white fur throw from Target on my bed....but this might be even more perfect. I also have this chair sitting in my room waiting to get re-upholstered..but I can't seem to find the perfect fabric (I also haven't had the time to look for it). Possibly something like this with some studs. :) Do you have any suggestions for my mini-makeover, I would love to know! Leave a comment below!

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  1. Oooo I like the shadow boxes! That is a really nice alternative to the usual trinket dish . Also, beautiful color palette. I'm working on a big design project right now too. I can't wait to see the finished product!

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